Orangedotcom is an experienced, ambitious, and fast-growing online marketing agency based in Amsterdam. We are specialized in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Advertising (SEA), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In other words, we ensure that your website will be found via Google.
Passion, innovation, flexibility, and reliability are key terms to us. Orangedotcom originated from passion for the Internet, online marketing, and search engine marketing. We feel it is highly important to monitor the evolving market and to know which new techniques are being developed.

Consequently, we always seek to innovate, test, and do new things – from new advertising formats to new online tools. Improving results is always our primary goal.
Additionally, flexibility and reliability are highly important to us. Flexibility is responding quickly, listening, and adapting to the client’s wishes. However, we only make promises that we can keep, and work in an environment of openness and transparency to fulfill our agreements. The combination of these core values ensures that we can help your company to grow. We accomplish this with a team of experienced and motivated online marketers and specialists.

Orangedotcom has years of experience as a search engine marketing agency. At the same time, we know what it is like to be both the media agency and the client. We have worked for major international companies in the travel, finance, fashion, and consumer electronics industries – from a complete SEO strategy to setting up and managing conversion-oriented Google AdWords (SEA) campaigns. Take a look at the commissioners that have already used of our services.

Orangedotcom provides customized online marketing through our visibility and branding campaigns, and efficient ROI campaigns for online shops, where every Euro counts. We know how you realize your online goals.
Orangedotcom was founded by SEO specialist Arnoud Duiker and SEA specialist Michael Hardeman

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