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Samsung website portfolio afbeelding

Samsung is one of the largest global players in smartphones, TV and audio, IT-products, household appliances like washing machines, cameras, and lots more. Samsung is digital market leader in a lot of these industries. This is why they also want to pay more attention to findability in Google. Orangedotcom is asked to set up the complete search engine marketing strategy for 2013. Not just for the Netherlands, but for the whole Benelux.
Simultaneously with setting up and implementing the search engine marketing strategy, a couple important components are put structurally on the map:

  • The training of employees;
  • Building internal awareness;
  • Directing and professionalizing executive agencies;
  • Deployment of advanced SEO tools;
  • Drafting KPIs;
  • Establish and improve reporting and web analytics.

In the meantime SEM has changed in the organization and is seen as a continuous, structural process.

For SEA specifically worked on visibility for all products and services in all stages of the purchasing process, reseller-strategy, trademark policy and sitelinks, among other things. Besides that, SEA has become a part of the overall media strategy and search engine activities are aligned with the annual marketing calendar and seasonal influences.

Specifically for SEO, we started with an extensive baseline measurement and competitor analysis. Also based on these we defined important focuswords, and we have taken a look to the content on the website. Besides that, all meta-content is optimized. For the Netheralnds we especially watched the most visited pages of the website. This resulted in an increase of CTR of eighteen percent and an increase almost all keywords. Additionally, we achieved good results with more complex matters like with cleaning the linkprofile and analysing the htaccess logs.