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“Develop a sound and effective online strategy that is successful and maintainable.”

If you want to be successful, you have to make the right choices, dare to be critical and answer the right questions. We can help you in creating an online strategy and vision, a strategy that meets the present-day demands with a clear formulation of online objectives and success factors. Only if all the necessary input is on the table, can you start to establish the online strategy.

Strategic Choices

Orangedotcom helps you to make strategic choices. We collaborate with you to answer important questions within your organization, such as:

–          What is the target group?
–          How does the purchase process go?
–          What is the role of your website?
–          What do I want my visitors to do?
–          Which online channels do I employ?
–          What are commercial objectives?

Online Strategy by Orangedotcom

Within every online strategy trajectory, there are a number of fixed components that we go through. First, we will start by clearly defining the online strategy. In doing so, we create a clear view of the matters the strategy relates to. Subsequently, we will look at internal and external factors and online target groups. Moreover, we will pay ample attention to the mission/vision, objectives, and the strategy of an organization. On the basis of this information, the eventual online strategy will be determined, where we look at the contribution of various online channels.

However, this is not the end. After this phase, online goals and success factors are determined and the success factors are made measurable by means of KPIs. The final phase of the online strategy is measuring and improving.

Cooperation and Developing Together

During an online strategy trajectory, we will closely collaborate. We seek to learn as much about your company as possible before we proceed to the analysis, advice, and implementation. The online strategy is largely developed in cooperation with your organization. The combination of online expertise and knowledge of the market, clients, and organization ensures the most effective strategy; understood and supported by you.

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