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Orangedotcom respects the privacy of all visitors of its website and ensures that all personal information you provide to us via contact forms is handled in a strictly confidential manner. Orangedotcom processes personal information and other data in agreement with the applicable legislation (Law Protection Personal Information and the Tele-communication law).


This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of data obtained from a visit to and use of the Orangedotcom website ( and through the personal information provided during contact requests.

Processing Personal Information

All information entered on the Orangedotcom website is exclusively used internally and is not shared with third parties. Personal information is handled confidentially, with care, and used for the benefit of the administration.


The Orangedotcom website places cookies. Cookies are small text files that an Internet page places on a cell phone, tablet, or PC. Orangedotcom uses cookies on its website to:

  • Allow the Orangedotcom website to function better.
  • Monitor the web visits, so Orangedotcom can assess how many people have visited the website in a certain period. Orangedotcom uses this information to improve its website.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the online marketing campaigns.
  • Important: the use of cookies is completely safe. Email and telemarketing actions are not the result of cookies. Cookies do not store your email address or phone number. The data obtained via cookies is only used in an aggregated manner and Orangedotcom cannot retrace these to a PC or individual.

    Below is a list of cookies that are placed by the Orangedotcom website, including their functionality and lifespan:

    Used for
    Analyzes how often a person visits
    Analyzes how long a person visits
    Analyzes how long a person visits
    Classifies the visitor of
    Analyzes how a person found
    Placed by
    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
    0.5 after the session
    6 months


    If you have any questions or remarks regarding the Orangedotcom Privacy Statement, please contact:

    Wibautstraat 129-5
    1091 GL Amsterdam
    phone: 020 – 700 94 84
    email: info[at]orangedotcom[dot]nl

    Altering the Privacy Statement

    Orangedotcom retains the right to alter this Privacy Statement. Orangedotcom advises you to regularly view this Privacy Statement for updates and/or changes.

    August 2013