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“Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is one of the quickest, most flexible, and cost efficient ways to reach potential clients online.”

Search Engine Advertising

Purchasing advertisements in search engines on key words that are relevant to you is referred to as search engine advertising. That is, you will only advertise on words and positions that are relevant to you. Due to Google being the largest search engine in the Netherlands, companies use Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the online channel to achieve results in a quick and cost efficient way.

Google AdWords

The advantage of search engine advertising, compared to search engine optimization, is the speed, flexibility, and control over the campaigns. If we create a Google AdWords campaign, your website will essentially always be part of the search engine results. Short campaigns or activities can easily be added and you determine the full display of the advertisement, often depending upon the Google algorithm in SEO.


Purchasing traffic on the basis of key words in search engines (SEA) is one of the most utilized online channels for many companies. The consideration for quality and relevance of the visitors is always a determining factor for the result. The main advantage is that you only pay for results that someone clicks on. Additionally, SEA can be used to advertise locally, which means that you will only reach the relevant target group that is looking for your product or service.

High in Google

Anyone who has a website can advertise via Google AdWords. The advantage is that you can become first in the Google search results in a short time, and this will result in a lot of extra traffic to your website. Additionally, the result of search engine advertising is fully measurable and can be specifically targeted. In this way, you always know what a campaign costs, as well as what it yields.

How Does It Work?

Google AdWords makes use of the Pay-per-click (PPC) system. This entails that the advertiser only pays for his/her advertisement if the advertisement is actually clicked. The advertisement system is based on an auction, which means that you can bid on key words. Popular words are more expensive, that is, have a higher price per click. As an advertiser, you can determine the maximum amount that you wish to pay per clicked advertisement.

Goals Search Engine Advertising

With search engine advertising of Orangedotcom, you can achieve multiple goals:

  • Increasing the number of interested visitors on your website.
  • Increasing the online visibility of your target group.
  • Increasing your return on investment (ROI) and the number of conversions on your website.

Our Method

For Orangedotcom, achieving a maximum ROI is always central, and we like to be held accountable for this. The execution and strategy to achieve maximum return occurs in complete consultation with the client. In doing so, objectives, budget, reporting, and evaluation are optimally determined.

By outsourcing search engine advertising to our Orangedotcom specialists, your decision benefits from our years of experience and you profit from our knowledge within various markets in which we provide our clients with successful Google AdWords campaigns.

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