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Search Engine Optimization

“Optimal visibility in Google on the right keywords is essential for your company.”

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part of Search Engine Marketing and encompasses all activities to achieve high positions in the natural or ‘free’ search results in Google. In this way, your website will optimally focus on important keywords that will significantly increase the number of relevant visitors on the website.

In search engine optimization, both the content of the website and the technology matter. By matching this to the guidelines of Google, your website will be optimally visible. Additionally, link popularity (link building) plays an important role in search engine optimization. The quality of links to your website have a great influence on how high your search results will be.

SEO Analysis

An important part of search engine optimization is an SEO analysis. On the basis of an analysis into the search behavior of your target group, the content, technology, and the authority of the website, we offer the possibilities and opportunities of increasing your visibility in Google.

With an extensive baseline measurement, we map the current visibility and ‘SEO friendliness’ of your website. On the basis of this analysis, we develop a plan to structurally improve the rankings in Google.

SEO consultancy

Orangedotcom SEO consultants work to constantly improve the findability of your website step by step. This results in more qualitative visitors on the website. Our SEO specialists provide advice for you to better remain visible in the long term within search engines.

SEO Method

We start by determining the most important objectives. After determining these objectives, our SEO trajectory is structured as follows:

  •  Key word investigation: through an extensive ‘key word scan’, you know on which key words to focus and what the search volume and the competition on these key words are.
  • Optimizing content: on the basis of the key word investigation, our SEO copywriter can ensure that the content of your pages matches perfectly to the search behavior of your target group.
  •  Optimizing technology and internal link structure: advice on the correct application of website technology and creating an optimal internal link structure.
  • External links: analyzing, optimizing, and constantly reinforcing your website link profile with relevant, incoming links.
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