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“Would you like to obtain more knowledge and have a firm grasp on your online marketing activities?”

Many companies would like to start with online marketing, but do not manage to properly shape this into practice. Investing in knowledge of online marketing and/or search engine marketing is a smart decision. We can think of a number of reasons to obtain this knowledge in-house. Examples include better being able to supervise partners or executive agencies, being able to analyze and interpret results and insights, and/or being able to respond to trends more easily and sooner.

For who are training and coaching intended?

Training programs and coaching is available for anyone who wants to make a serious start with online marketing. The training programs are intended for, among others:

– Freelancers
– Marketing managers
– Online marketers
– CEOs
– Media planners / marketing communication

What is the goal of training and coaching?

These training programs are intended to give companies the knowledge to create and maintain their online marketing or search engine marketing.

Training programs and coaching by Orangedotcom

Orangedotcom provides customized training programs. A specific program is composed based on your organization, wishes, and objectives. This could be a one-time seminar for a specific division or multiple one-on-one sessions where coaching and training is central.

During the training program, the landscape of online marketing and its means and opportunities are discussed in detail. Think of topics such as developments within online marketing and specific online marketing such as Search Engine Marketing.

Additionally, the training will focus on how you can measure the results of your campaigns. Orangedotcom is actively working on online marketing in various forms for various clients every day. Consequently, we can share tips and techniques in addition to sharing the most innovative developments and useful practical experience. The participants can also work on various projects themselves.

We can also provide the training program in-house.

Do you have any questions regarding training and/or coaching? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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