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“Are you aware of the goings-on on your website? What should be measured and how?”

There are ample possibilities to monitor and analyze your visitors’ and clients’ behavior. It is important to analyze the visitors’ behavior and to link improvement activities; especially when making changes regarding search engine marketing or the design of your website, web analytics is an essential way to look at the effect and the results. With a web analytics tool, you collect useful information about your website traffic, the behavior and conversion patterns of your visitors, the success of your online marketing campaign, and other important aspects.

In short, Wikipedia employs the following definition: “Web analytics is measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting Internet data to optimize your online activities.”

Yet, it is especially important not to get lost in all the tools and data that can be obtained. Even major international companies, with the most extensive Omniture packets, have difficulty in handling the basic reports and do not know what to do with them. The challenge is to specifically investigate the most important performance indicators, rather than simply measuring everything.

Web Analytics by Orangedotcom

Web Analytics begins by advising and installing a good software package. This is the first important step where we specifically look at the objectives and wishes of the organization. Orangedotcom supports its clients in setting up and implementing an appropriate web analytics package, such as Google Analytics. During this process, the possibilities of web analytics are clearly explained. Additionally, the objectives for the website will be translated and implemented into measurable goals and reports within web analytics. Setting clear goals and formulating KPIs are therefore an essential part of web analytics.

Frequently asked questions include:

  • How can we convert our web analytics data into useful information?
  • What online campaign will provide the greatest return?

In addition to setting up and implementing web analytics, we translate the statistics to the right insights and information, matching the objectives of your website on a monthly basis. Orangedotcom can help you to analyze the data from your statistics and to translate this into points for improvement. For example:

  • Better understanding of the client’s preferences and online behavior
  • Basis for optimizing the website
  • Basis for business insight
  • Makes results of your marketing activities measurable
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